The Principles of Happiness

The Principles of Happiness, also known as the modern Fourfold Path, consist of four principles: Love, Wisdom, Self-reflection and Progress, and is the basic core-teaching of Happy Science. It is a proven method that leads us to a state of genuine happiness once we truly understand it and put it into practice.


Love taught at Happy Science is “love that gives”. Giving love without expecting anything in return is the starting point of happiness. At Happy Science the teaching of love involves a number of stages, such as fundamental love, spiritually nurturing love, forgiving love and love incarnate, which means that love can be given on different levels  at different stages of development. Real love is based on the understanding that we all have the same divine nature.

“You must love beyond the difference of all religions. all nations, and all races. You are originally one.”

Master Ryuho Okawa


Wisdom means to awaken to real knowledge which is spiritual Truth. Happy Science’s teachings are universal Truth of God and is the ultimate study guide for humanity in the 21st century on-wards. Through putting this knowledge into practice we can cultivate wisdom and uncover the infinite wellspring that exists deep in each of us. This wisdom becomes a great power that can solve any difficulties in life.

“Knowledge is power, and by knowing the Truth you can change your life.”

Master Ryuho Okawa


We all have divine-nature, but living in this world we are “spiritually blind” and make mistakes. In fact we have been blessed with the freedom to do so. This is allowed because we have the ability to correct these mistakes. While many things in this world cannot be undone, what is in our mind can be washed away through the great power of self-reflection. Through self-reflection, we can learn from our mistakes, release attachments, increase our enlightenment and allow our divine-nature to shine brilliantly once again.

“When you practice genuine self-reflection, you will receive support, encouragement, power and energy. This comes to you directly from Heaven, and it supports and nourishes you through life.”

Master Ryuho Okawa


Progress means to develop yourself into someone who can guide others, society and to generally make this world a better place. It is to understand that helping yourself truly helps others. True progress is always blessed with a genuine feeling of happiness, and real success is being able to spread this happiness to many. The destination for each one of us, ultimately, is towards supporting and working together to create a utopia on earth.

“Humans must make efforts to become greater beings. Who can save the poor? Who can save the ill? You must desire to achieve real success for the love of the world.”

Master Ryuho Okawa

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