It is a precious moment in everyone’s life to join Happy Science. That day becomes a day of awakening and of great happiness. Members make a pledge to Explore the Right Mind each day and live by practising the Principles of Happiness. The aim is to be truly happy and to share that happiness with others.

We are an open movement that encourages your freedom to grow – you can study other books and faiths without conflict as our teachings unite all of the world’s religions, philosophies and various fields as one complementary whole.

Why to become a member?

If you want to improve yourself and make a difference in the world, why not to join a group of like-minded people? It is surely more joy when you have companions on your journey.

Prayer Book

On joining Happy Science as a member you receive a small prayer book “The Dharma of the Right Mind”, which contains the basic Happy Science sutra and two sacred prayers. By reciting them every day you harmonise your mind, receive the energy from the universal source of all light and connect to your Guardian and Guiding Spirits, who protect you and offer you inspirations from the heavenly world.

Working towards improving yourself, you bring positive changes to your family, society and the world, in other words – contribute in creating a Utopia on Earth.

How to become a member?

To become our member, you can visit your nearest Happy Science Centre or submit a simple application form which will be regarded as your request to join us and to post you our blue prayer book “The Dharma of the Right Mind”.  There are no membership fees of any kind, but a £5 donation will be appreciated for the precious prayer book you receive when joining us.

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