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Happy Science UK :: Intro to Happy Science movies

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Happy Science Events in October 2019

Happy Science Events in October 2019. Messages from Resurrection of Francis of Assisi (4 Oct), Messages from Princess Diana's Spirit (11 Oct), Messages from Oscar Wilde (18 Oct), Truth about Origin of Cancer; How a New Approach is Bringing Cures and Relief (27 Oct)

Margaret Thatcher’s Message from Spirit World!!

  * A film of a séance held in Japan in 2013, the day after Mrs Thatcher’s death will be shown. * For participating in these events (incl. Reporting on and Mediaworks) please contact us at eu@happy-science.org  

Video Lecture: Be Confident of Your Life

Video Lecture: Be Confident of Your Life Topics: How to build your confidence How to overcome Inferiority Complex Dates: Saturday 10 August 2-4pm Saturday 17 August 2-4pm

Happy Science Weekly Events

Happy Science Weekly Events Spiritual Messages from the great figures Tarot Koan Zen Meditation Meditation for Solving your Life Problems

Happy Thoughts

Recover your shining self through self-reflection

Each day, before you go to sleep, look at the events of the day which come into your mind and reflect on them from ten to fifteen minutes, focusing on your words and your actions. The basis of self-reflection is to examine each of your words and actions against the essential qualities of a child of God (Buddha).

The purpose of self-reflection is not to torment and drive yourself into corner by feeling how wrong and sinful you are. Rather, it is to recover your shining and true self as a child of God (Buddha), to reject and discard any negative qualities that contradict to it, one by one, and resolve never again to have such wrong thoughts or do such deeds…

From Lecture booklet “A Guide for Self-Reflection” (available only at HS centres)

How to improve your relationships?

People might remember an insult for years, but they also remember a compliment. It takes only a moment to be pleasant, but it has a profound effect on the person concerned. Here is some good news. Improving relationships is free; it costs not one single cent. All you need to do is change your way of thinking and offer a few kind words. In so doing, you also guide others onto the path that leads to happiness. There might be a small effort involved at first, but when you see the results, it no longer feels like an effort…


From the book Change Your Life, Change the World

Why we should give love to others?

A society with insufficient love, or one that is entirely materialistic and based on “love that takes”, is like a huge hospital filled with patients who are constantly crying, “It hurts everywhere. Give me more medicine. Do something to ease my pain.” On the other hand, if there is love to spare, more people will be happy and healthy from a spiritual point of view. This is why you should try to do what you can to give love to others. Try doing things that benefit those around you. Before demanding happiness for yourself, try bringing happiness to others. Moreover, if you give love, you will discover that any pain inside you is automatically eased and your worries begin to disappear…


From the book Change Your Life, Change Your World

What our members are saying

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  • "Happy Science from my point of view is 'The Science of Happiness' it just makes sense, and gives reason to life. If you take a moment to listen to the teachings, you will understand. I can honestly say that since I did, I am Happy!"

    Christine, Canterbury

  • "The Teachings are great. I see my life from a completely different perspective now and it helps me to cope with many challenges that come up."

    Rasa, London

  • "The teachings of Happy Science are practical, valuable, current - in that they're relevant to today's lifestyle and the issues we face - and enlightening. I can honestly say they make me happy in the True sense."

    Rachna, London

  • "I feel that this is the place I was looking for. Every time I come to Happy Science London temple, I feel so relaxing, refresh my mind and get lots of energy. I wish everyone could experience this."

    Erdenechimeg, London

  • "Happy Science has changed my life. I have never thought about the power of the mind previously or how are thoughts can impact our life.  I look forward to increasing my knowledge further."

    Debbie, Canterbury


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